Breanna. 22. Married to Matt, August 25, 2012. 1st baby due August 31, 2014. Interested in health, fitness, baby names, family life, home decor, fashion, books, etc.


We heard the baby’s heartbeat last night!! 10 weeks 4 days in, and hearing it means we’re pretty much in the clear for telling people and having a safe pregnancy! Only a 3% chance of miscarriage! Matt was really excited, which was super fun. After our appointment we went to Qdoba because I was starving…as usual. It was a great evening and fun to share our heartbeat video with our family too! It’s so insane to me that there are two hearts beating in my body. What a miraculous thing.


I’m 10 weeks and 2 days and I have absolutely no baby bump yet. I’m okay with this…it’s better than a small one that just looks fat. At this point I can still see my abs and I’ve been enjoying them for the last time in awhile I guess. It’s a bummer to me because I’ve been working so hard for them. At the same time I’m excited to get a baby bump because it will mean this pregnancy is real. It still doesn’t seem like I have a baby in me. I mean, I know I do because I have to pee ALL the time…and I’ve been so tired and occasionally nauseous. But still it’s surreal and I’m looking forward to feeling movement and having that feeling of assurance that I am pregnant right in front of me every time I look in the mirror.

I had another dream last night that the baby was a girl! I’m not sure if it’s because that’s what I find myself wanting it to be, or if it’s maybe predicting the future. Last time I dreamed it was a girl and we named her Lucy (which was out plan) but it just didn’t seem right in my dream, so we went back to the drawing board and in this dream her name was Sage. It was perfect. It makes me happy to know that we’ve picked a name that seems so right for a girl baby, and I know our boy’s name is right too. But really I feel like this baby is a girl. Which makes me think maybe I should assume it’s a boy so I won’t be disappointed if I’m wrong.

One reason I want this baby to be a girl is so we can have a Sage and the name won’t be taken by someone else in our family if we don’t have a girl for awhile (my brother and sister in law say their favorite girl’s name is Paige) so I want a Sage before they have kids! Maybe that’s selfish…I guess it kind of is. But it makes sense to me :) yes?


I just told Matt I thought pancakes sounded so amazing for breakfast this morning and he left to go buy mix to make some for me! He’s the sweetest!! :)


In early March I’ll be done working. Forever. Or at least for a very long time. I am so looking forward to it, but I also know I need to keep myself busy so I don’t get bored or go crazy (or end up going shopping every day and spending way too much). If you’re wondering why I won’t be working, the family I nanny for is starting at a daycare in March and it doesn’t make sense for me to look for another job with a baby coming in August!

I have a few things I am interested in doing each day and a few chores I know will need to be done, and I’d like to sign up for some classes and spend time at the gym to keep myself busy. At this point it looks like we will still be at our condo in March, but moving may come around that time as well. Here are some things I’m thinking about filling my day with:

1. Making dinner (I am so excited about this one. I’ll actually have time to be creative and healthy :)

2. Walking the dog (and myself of course, at least a mile a day if not more)

3. Doing the laundry (boring but necessary and good practice for baby laundry)

4. Reading (a lot more)

5. Going to the gym (with a plan and feeling motivated)

6. Doing projects and going on fun outings (Pinterest-y things :)

7. Taking classes and taking care of my body 100% (eating healthy and working out and getting ready for labor and caring for a baby)

8. Researching things (medicine and cloth diapers and more)

I’m so excited to have so much time to be able to do the things I normally have to rush through! Being a mommy is going to be great! :)

These are the things I’ve purchased for the baby thus far. Can you tell I love Monsters Inc.?

Sulley is my favorite Disney character :)

Oh and I just loved the safari blanket.

Gender neutral FTW


I’m having a hard time being patient today. Some days are easier than others, but today I want to have my house and baby here right now! Also I think our names are 100% for sure now! Maybe.

Sage Amanda Turner
Elliott James Turner

I love :)